Mar 24, 2016

Sonic Debuts New Sweet Cream Soda Platform

Sonic goes retro with an old-fashioned soda fountain menu that they're calling the "Sweet Cream Soda Pop Shoppe."

The drink menu is available nationwide for a limited time.

As the name suggests, the drink menu features actual sweet cream mixed with Sonic's various syrups/sauces and soda water as well as with a number of brand name sodas.

Here's the various flavors on the menu:

- Vanilla
- Strawberry
- Cherry
- Grape
- Blue Coconut
- Blue Raspberry
- Green Apple
- Pineapple
- Vanilla Sweet Cream Root Beer
- Cherry Sweet Cream Dr. Pepper
- Blue Coconut Sweet Cream Coke
- Strawberry Sweet Cream Coke
- Cherry Vanilla Sweet Cream Coke
- Strawberry Sweet Cream Root Beer
- Vanilla Sweet Cream Fanta Orange
- Strawberry Sweet Cream Fanta Orange
- Chocolate Sweet Cream Root Beer

The drinks also come with a swizzle stick for stirring.

Update 3/25/16 - I've updated the article to reflect that the platform is new and for a limited time rather than testing as previously reported.

Photo by KB.

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