Mar 28, 2016

Long John Silver's Introduces New $5 Reel Deal Box

Long John Silver's latest fast food deal comes in the form of a new $5 combo meal they're calling the $5 Reel Deal Box (not to be mistaken with Carl's Jr. and Hardee's $4 Real Deal).

The Reel Deal Box is available for a limited time and includes a choice of either two pieces of crispy Alaskan Whitefish, two pieces of crispy Chicken Tenders, or a piece of crispy Alaskan Whitefish & three pieces of shrimp, plus a side, two hushpuppies, a medium drink, and a chocolate chip cookie made with Hershey's mini kisses.

It's basically the seafood chain's rendition of KFC's $5 Fill Up Box or Popeyes' $5 Bonafide Big Box.

Image via Long John Silver's.

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