Mar 20, 2016

Nabisco Introduces New Good Thins

Nabisco riffs on their popular Wheat Thins crackers to come up with new Good Thins (stylized as "GOOD THiNS" for whatever reason).

The line features baked crackers featuring potato, chickpeas, and rice. They're categorizing them as "The Potato Ones!," "The Chickpea One!," and "The Rice Ones!" The Rice Ones! are gluten-free and quietly replace Rice Thins.

Selling points of the line include no artificial flavors, colors, cholesterol, partially hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup.

There are eight varieties available at launch (with more to follow):

- Original Potato Ones
- Spinach & Garlic Potato Ones
- Sweet Potato Ones
- Garlic & Herb Chickpea
- Veggie Blend Rice Ones
- Simply Salt Rice Ones
- Poppy & Sesame Seed Rice Ones
- Sea Salt & Pepper Rice Ones

As for the name, according to Danielle Brown, Marketing Director for GOOD THiNS at Mondel─ôz International, ""The name 'GOOD THiNS' pays tribute to the delicious taste and wholesome ingredients, as well as the thin and crispy texture."

Good Thins is currently rolling out nationwide at a suggested retail price of $3.69 per box.

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