May 2, 2016

Pizza Hut Now Lets You Know How Long Your Food Will Take Before Ordering

Pizza Hut now offers an estimated ready time for an order before actually placing it when visiting their website.

Typically, pizza chains give you an estimated time after you've already placed your order.

They're calling it "Visible Promise Time," which is a weird bit of wording. "Estimated wait time" or "Estimated order time" would be more accurate. Technically, they're not promising anything but the estimate is available for both delivery and carryout orders.

According to the chain, Visible Promise Time is calculated based on a number of factors, including the "number of orders the restaurant is receiving, the number of delivery drivers available and the average drive time for the trade area for that day."

The feature had been testing for several months before this nationwide rollout at participating locations. You can see the Visible Promise Time for nearby Pizza Hut locations after choosing either delivery or carryout at and entering your address to localize the results.

Image via Pizza Hut.

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