Dec 2, 2019

Jack in the Box Debuts New Chicken Breakfast Jack as Part of Two for $3 Deal

Jack in the Box gives you both the chicken and the egg at a value price with the debut of the new Chicken Breakfast Jack as part of a limited-time two for $3 deal.

The Chicken Breakfast Jack features a crispy chicken patty, a fresh-cracked fried egg, and a slice of American cheese on a toasted buttery bun. If you're buying just one, it goes for $2.39 at my local Jack in the Box.

The two for $3 deal selection includes two sandwiches: the Sausage Breakfast Jack and the Chicken Breakfast Jack. You can choose to get one of each or two of the same.

Given that the Chicken Breakfast Jack is essentially just the Breakfast Jack but with the chicken patty taken from the value chicken sandwich, it should be easy enough to custom order one of these if/when they take it off the menu.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Chicken Breakfast Jack (183g)
Calories - 530 (from Fat - 280)
Fat - 31g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 1130mg
Carbs - 40g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 22g

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