Dec 31, 2019

Top Five New Fast Food Dishes I Tried in 2019

With another year of fast food reviews in the books, here are my top five picks for new fast food dishes in 2019 (in no particular order):

- McDonald's - Donut Sticks - Like a cross between a churro and a donut, what made these nice was that they came out warm like they'd been recently fried.

- Carl's Jr. - Bacon Truffle Angus Burger - While Carl's Jr.'s bacon is still pretty weak, this burger came together really well and took a step up from the typical mushroom and Swiss burger with a wonderfully rich truffle sauce.

- KFC - Cinnabon Dessert Biscuit - As a long-time fan of KFC's fluffy biscuits, I wasn't sure how these would turn out, but there was a nice balance to them. The savory and salty quality of the biscuit helped cut into the creamy sweetness of a cinnamon roll.

- Popeyes - Chicken Sandwich - The hype was overblown but a fairly fresh and meaty fried chicken filet nestled in a squishy soft bun for $4 is still really, really nice and strong enough to win over at least some Chick-fil-A fans.

- Taco Bell - Toasted Cheddar Chalupa - I generally like the standard Chalupa and liked it even more with the extra crunch and sharp flavor of toasted cheddar over the shell.

Honorable mentions: Panda Express' Sichaun Hot Chicken, Chick-fil-A's Mac & Cheese, McDonald's Grand McExreme Bacon Burger, and Popeyes' Doublestuf Oreo Bites.

Thing I wish I didn't eat: Carl's Jr. Western Fries. The seasoning was just not good.

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