Dec 11, 2019

Chobani Expands with a Line of Oat-Based Drinks and Cultured Oat Blends; Plus New Coffee Creamers

Chobani expands their oat offerings under the new Chobani Oat umbrella. The new line introduces new oat-based drinks and cultured oat blends, which are joined by their existing Greek yogurt with oatmeal. Chobani also adds new coffee creamers to their selection of products.

Chobani Oat Drinks are creamy oat-based drinks made without nuts, dairy, or lactose. They come in four flavors: Plain, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Plain Extra Creamy. The suggested price per 52-oz carton is $3.99.

Chobani Oat Drink Barista Blend features an oat-based alternative to steamed whole milk for coffee and tea. It slated to arrive starting this month.

Chobani Oat Blend is an oat-based, non-dairy alternative to yogurt. It's batch-fermented, made from natural ingredients, and contain "billions of probiotics." You can find Chobani Oat Blend in Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Peach Mandarin flavors with a suggested  price of $1.99 per 5.3-oz cup.

There's also Chobani Oat Blend with Crunch, which comes in Strawberry Granola Crunch, Blueberry Almond Crumble, and Peach Coconut Crunch. Like regular Chobani Oat Blend, it carries a suggested price of $1.99 per 5.3-oz cup.

Finally, on the dairy side of things, there's the arrival of Chobani Coffee Creamers, which come in four familiar flavors: Caramel, Sweet Cream, Hazelnut, and Vanilla. Each 24-oz bottle carries a suggested price of $3.99.

Chobani continues to offer Greek Yogurt with Oatmeal. It's slightly cheaper than their Oat Blend at a suggested price of $1.79 per 5.3-oz cup. Available flavors include Apple Spice Greek Yogurt with Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Blueberry Greek Yogurt with Maple Oatmeal, Banana Greek Yogurt with Maple Oatmeal, and Peach Greek Yogurt with Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

Photo via Chobani.

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