Dec 11, 2019

Review: Popeyes - Bourbon Fudge Pie

Popeyes' Bourbon Fudge Pie features a smooth bourbon fudge filling with chocolate-flavored whipped topping.

I bought a slice for $2.49.

At first glance, the Bourbon Fudge Pie looks like a slice of chocolate cream pie but biting into it yielded a richer and denser but still soft fudge filling.

The filling offered a moderately sweet and fairly chocolaty flavor with a surprisingly strong note of bourbon (it's probably the most bourbon flavor I'd had as a fast food restaurant). The chocolate-flavored whipped topping added a lighter note of chocolate as well as a contrasting fluffy texture.

The pie crust was fairly neutral and just slightly crumbly.

Overall, Popeyes' Bourbon Fudge Pie turned out really well. There's a decadent and enjoyable dose of chocolate to it as well as a distinct bourbon flavor that's provides a different experience than most fast food pies.

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