Feb 12, 2019

A Look at Tastykake's 2019 Valentine's Day Line-Up

Tastykake gave a number of their snack cakes and dessert a Valentine's Day treatment this year and sent me a sample of the items to try.

The line up includes: Mini Donuts, Sweetie Kakes, and Tender Loving Kakes. For the most part, the Valentine's desserts are just items taken from the regular Tastykake line-up and given some Valentine's Day-themed packaging.

The Mini Donuts come in three classic and very familiar flavors: Frosted, Powdered Sugar, and Crunch. They taste much like any other mini donuts.

The Sweetie Kakes are a Valentine's Day take on Tastykake's chocolate cupcakes. They're creme-filled mini chocolate cupcakes with red frosting and mini heart sprinkles.

The frosting isn't flavored or anything but the sprinkles add a nice crunch. I like that Tastykake's frosting actual feels like frosting and isn't hardened or waxy.

Finally, Tender Loving Kakes are the brand's Coconut Kandy Kakes but with a different name and box for Valentine's Day. If you've never tried them, they're somewhat like chocolate-covered macaroons except with a more airy, more cake-like crumb.

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