Feb 21, 2019

Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles Pizza Coming to Papa John's Later This Year

As a result of fan voting, Papa John's will be serving new Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles Pizza sometime later this year.

The pizza will come topped with crispy-fried chicken, waffle crumbles, bacon, cheese, and a drizzle of spicy honey.

The Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles Pizza was one of several pizzas that the chain asked fans to vote for in a "pick-our-next-pizza" promotion. The other three choices were The Roast, The Un-Pizza, and Huevos Rancheros. They were narrowed down to the Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles and Huevos Rancheros during initial voting and the chicken & waffles pizza won out with 70 percent of the final votes.

According to the chain, the pizza will be available in North America later this year and pricing/availability will vary by location.

Photo via Papa John's.

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