Feb 11, 2019

New Donut Sticks Coming to McDonald's Starting February 20, 2019

New Donut Sticks will be coming for breakfast at participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide starting February 20, 2019.

Available for a limited time, the sticks of dough are made fresh throughout the morning with a crispy exterior that's sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and a soft, airy interior.

They are served warm and are only available during breakfast hours (according to McDonald's, Donut Sticks are the first dessert they've offered exclusively during breakfast hours).

You can buy them by the half-dozen or dozen. Prices vary with location but you can expect them to cost around $1.69 for a half-dozen and $3.29 for a dozen. They will also offer a combo where you get a half-dozen Donut Sticks and a small coffee for an average price of $2.59.

McDonald's first tested the new menu item in select locations in Illinois in early 2018 and once again in October 2018.  According to the chain, they tried several donut shapes, a variety of doughs, and varied the amount of cinnamon-sugar while coming up with the Donut Sticks.

Dunkin' Donuts offered a similar product, Donut Fries, for a limited time last year and both items are quite similar to churros.

Photo via McDonald's.

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