Feb 25, 2019

My/Mo Introduces Mochi Ice Cream with a Third Layer

My/Mo, which specializes in mochi ice cream (balls of ice cream wrapped in mochi dough), adds a third layer to the mix--a center layer--with the introduction of four new flavors.

The new varieties include:

- Chocolate Sundae - Vanilla bean ice cream covered in chocolate-flavored mochi dough "topped" with a cherry center

- Vanilla Blueberry - Vanilla bean ice cream wrapped with mochi dough with a blueberry center

- Dulce de Leche -  Mochi dough wrapped around coffee ice cream with a gooey caramel center.

- S’mores - Chocolate mochi dough wrapped around graham cracker ice cream with a marshmallow center.

You can find the new flavors at retailers nationwide. My/mo has a store locator on their website if you're having trouble finding the them.

Photo via My/Mo.

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