Feb 20, 2019

Potbelly Changes Menu Structure with New Half-Sandwich Pairings and Smaller Shake Option

Potbelly Sandwich Shop changes up their menu nationwide with half-sandwich pairings and more with the aim of streamlining the menu and encouraging add-on items via a "Meal Deal" discount. They've also added a smaller shake size.

The new half-sandwich pairings are called "Pick-Your-Pair." The way it works is you pick a half-sandwich and then you can pair it with either a cup of soup, a half-salad, a cup of mac & cheese, or a cup of chili.

The "Meal Deal" option comes into play by letting you add a fountain drink or Short Shake plus chips to your sandwich order at a discounted price.

Short Shakes are a smaller 10-oz size option for Potbelly's hand-dipped milkshakes. Additionally, all shakes now include whipped cream and a cherry.

Following a successful test in 58 shops last year, the new, revamped menu is now available at Potbelly locations nationwide.

Photo via Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

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