Jan 3, 2020

Baskin-Robbins Reveals New Salted Almond Honeycomb Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins reveals new, limited-time Salted Almond Honeycomb ice cream as the Flavor of the Month for January 2020

Salted Almond Honeycomb features salted honey-flavored ice cream with crunchy pieces of honeycomb candies and an almond marzipan swirl.

The chain also continues their Celebrate 31 promotion where they offer scoops of ice cream at a discount on the 31st of the month. On Friday, January 31, 2020, you can get a scoop of ice cream in a cup or cone for $1.70 at participating shops nationwide. On the same day, they'll also be offering a deal where you can get two pre-packed quarters for $7.99.

Photo via Baskin-Robbins.

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