Jan 5, 2020

Walmart Brings Back Galactic Fruit Gushers for a Limited Time

Limited Edition Galactic Fruit Gushers are back and can be found exclusively at Walmart for a limited time through mid- to late- January 2020.

The juicy (they're known for a liquid filling) fruit snack features three flavors: Asteroid Apple, Berry Star Cluster, and mystery flavor Unidentified Flavored Object.

According to the Galactic Gushers website, where you can guess the mystery flavor for a chance at winning a prize, Unidentified Flavor Object is one of the following four flavors: Light-Year Lemon-Lime, Big Bang Blue-Raspberry, Meteorite Mandarin-Melon, or Satellite Strawberry-Kiwi.

Galactic Fruit Gushers come in a 20-count, 16-oz box for $5.88. You can check online to see if they're in-stock near you.

Photo via Walmart.

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