Sep 21, 2020

Buffalo Wild Wings Adds Four New Wing Flavors Including Carolina Reaper and Orange Chicken

Buffalo Wild Wings adds four new wing sauce flavors to the menu this fall, including Orange Chicken, Lemon Pepper, Carolina Reaper and, for a limited-time-only, Pizza sauce.

Orange Chicken wing sauce features a sweet, citrus orange flavor with a hint of cayenne peppers and soy. Orange Chicken itself is a Chinese-American dish that is probably most popularly known as the signature dish of Panda Express and can be found in many-a-steam table at your local Chinese takeout joint. In what appears to be a nod to the dish's Asian American origins, each order of Orange Chicken Wings comes with another staple of Asian American cuisine--a fortune cookie.

Lemon Pepper sauce is a slighter different take on the Lemon Pepper dry seasoning on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu and is a wet version that features lemon, black pepper, and butter.

Carolina Reaper sauce tops the Buffalo Wild Wings heat spectrum and features Carolina Reaper peppers blended with with hot sauce, vinegar, and a bit of red bell pepper, and onion.

The Pizza sauce option consists of Garlic Parmesan sauce dusted with tomato powder and basil.

In case you've got a hankering to try any of the new flavors, Buffalo Wild Wings is offering free delivery on any order placed online or via their mobile app through September 30, 2020.

Photo via Buffalo Wild Wings.

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