Sep 7, 2020

Krispy Kreme's Times Square-Exclusive Big Apple Donut is Inspired by Candy Apples

When Krispy Kreme's flagship store in Times Square opens on September 15, 2020, it'll be the only place you can purchase their new, exclusive Big Apple Donut, which is actually inspired by the candy apples sold at Coney Island. Here's what you can expect from the donut if you ever make it out that way:

The Big Apple Donut features a shell donut filled with Red Delicious-flavored Kreme filling, dipped in Candied Green Apple Red icing and a "red shimmer mirror glaze" to give it a candy apple shine. To complete the look, a royal icing green leaf and lightly-salted pretzel stick "stem" is attached to one end of the donut.

Since the Time Square location will be open all day and night, you can get the new donut at all hours.

Photo via Krispy Kreme.

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