Sep 5, 2020

McDonald's Serves Up New Pho Burger in Vietnam

McDonald's infuses the flavor of Vietnam's signature pho noodle soup into a burger with the introduction of the new Pho Burger over in Vietnam.

The Pho Burger features two beef patties layered with a Vietnamese Pho sauce (they processed a burger sauce from the traditional ingredients in a pho broth) served with herbs, onion, and cilantro as well as a fresh-cracked egg on an English muffin.

For more localized flavor, you can get it with a Ca Phe Sua Da Vietnam (literally "Vietnamese iced coffee with milk"), which is typically a strong brewed drip coffee sweetened with condensed milk (it's something you can find at almost any Vietnamese restaurant in the US). McDonald's also serves rice with fresh veggies and various meat options (chicken and pork mostly) in Vietnam as a localized dish.

Photo via McDonald's Vietnam.

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