Sep 24, 2020

Taco Bell Features New Grande Stacker in $5 Box

Taco Bell puts together the new Grande Stacker as a limited-time menu item that's featured in a $5 Box.

The Grande Stacker consists of a double portion of seasoned beef, a melted blend of mozzarella, cheddar, and pepper jack cheeses, and warm nacho cheese sauce folded in a warm flour tortilla in the chain's stacker tri-fold and then grilled.

You can buy the Grande Stacker by itself for a suggested price of $2.49 or as part of a $5 Box along with two crunchy tacos and a medium fountain drink.

Photo via Taco Bell.

Nutritional Info - Taco Bell Grande Stacker
Calories - 570 (from Fat - 190)
Fat - 25g (Saturated Fat - 11g)
Sodium - 1570mg
Carbs - 62g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 25g

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