Sep 17, 2020

White Castle Introduces New 20-Slider Crave Clutch

White Castle introduces the new 20-slider Crave Clutch as basically the middle bear of their slider packs as it slots nicely between the 10 Sack and 30-slider Crave Case.

Available for a limited time, the Crave Clutch features a faux leather stitched cardboard handle and an image of a retro boombox on one side. It can fit any 20 sliders but they're offering a special Crave Clutch bundle that include 20 Original Sliders and four small fries for $19.99 in most markets (it's $18.79 in the Louisville and Nashville areas and $21.99 in the New York/New Jersey area).

The idea behind the Crave Clutch is that it's the right size for a family meal since more families eating at home during these times.

Photo via White Castle.

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