Oct 1, 2020

Bojangles Brings Back Pulled Pork with a Wider Release

BBQ pulled pork finds its way back onto the Bojangles' menu for a limited time and gets a wider release this time around. Also returning is the Pork Chop Griller Biscuit.

According to the chain, pulled pork is "new to most markets," and features Carolina-style, pulled pork BBQ with slow-cooked smokiness and a vinegar tang.

You can order BBQ pulled pork as part of a sandwich combo (the sandwich includes pulled pork and slaw [if you want] on a buttered and toasted bun), as part of a dinner plate, or in a tub as an add-on to any Big Bo Box Family Meal.

The limited-time Pork Chop Griller Biscuit features a boneless slice of pork chop that's been marinated in a zesty dry-rub seasoning, served on a buttermilk biscuit.

Photo via Bojangles.

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