Oct 10, 2020

New Unlocked by Coffee Mate is Coffee-Flavored Creamer for Your Coffee

Aiming to offer "more coffee taste to your coffee," Coffee Mate reveals new Unlocked by Coffee Mate, a "first-of-its-kind" line of coffee-flavored coffee creamers.

Basically, the general premise seems to be to make your possibly not-so-great brewed coffee taste more like good coffee. In the brand's words, "Unlocked by Coffee mate cuts any bitterness of traditional black coffee, while adding a creamy richness and the taste of a gourmet roast to your mug."

Unlocked creamers are set to arrive at retailers nationwide starting January 2021 and will be available in two varieties: Classic Colombian (described as having "flavors of richly roasted beans and bright, fruity notes) and Italian Espresso (with "subtle notes of cocoa and "smoky aromatics").

Both versions will come in 32-fl-oz bottles carrying a suggested price tag of $3.79.

Photo via Coffee Mate.

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