Oct 15, 2020

Burger King Serves Up New Oktoberfest Burger Topped with Oktoberfest Cheese Spread in Germany

While Oktoberfest wasn't held this year, Burger King still celebrated the festival in Germany by introducing the new Wiesn King, an Oktoberfest-themed burger topped with a Bavarian-style cheese spread that appears to be obatza, a traditional biergarten food. "Wiesn" another name for Oktoberfest.

The Wiesn King features a flame-grilled beef patty, Bavarian-style cheese spread, onions, mustard, and pickles on a sesame seed bun. Besides the beef, it's all stuff you might eat with sausage at Oktoberfest or a biergarten.

While it's unclear what is in Burger King's version, obatza can be made differently from place to place, an example of ingredients for it includes Camembert, butter, horseradish, caraway seeds, paprika, and salt (sometimes there's also a little bit of beer in it).

Photo via Burger King Germany.

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