Oct 22, 2020

Hormel Launches New Ranch-Flavored, Thick-Cut Bacon

Hormel launches new Ranch Thick Cut Bacon as well as Classic Country Style Thick Cut Bacon as the latest additions to their Black Label line.

Hormel Black Label Ranch Thick Cut Bacon is hand-rubbed with ranch seasoning and smoked with hardwood. The idea seems to be to offer the flavor of bacon and ranch dressing without actually having to use ranch dressing.

Hormel Black Label Classic Country Style Thick Cut Bacon is meant to offer the "flavor of bacon made with time-honored smokehouse processes dating back to the days of the American settlers." It's smoked  for over 10 hours although it's not clear now long their other varieties of bacon is smoked.

Both flavors are available in 12-ounce packages and can be found at select Walmart and Spartan Nash stores.

Other varieties offered under Hormel's Black Label Thick Cut Bacon line include Original, Cherrywood, Brown Sugar, JalapeƱo, Maple Black Pepper, Pecanwood, and Applewood.

Photo via Hormel.

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