Oct 25, 2020

Papa Murphy's Celebrates Halloween 2020 with Returning Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

The Jack-O Pizza is back at Papa Murphy's to help celebrate Halloween. The limited-time pizza features the chain's Original Crust shaped like a jack-o-lantern topped with red sauce, whole-milk mozzarella, a pepperoni face, and black olive pupils.

Prices vary but you can expect it to cost $9 for a 14-inch large pizza and $12 for a 16-inch family-sized pizza.

They're also offering two bundles where you can get a large or family-sized Jack-O pizza plus some chocolate cookie dough. The large bundle is priced at $13, while the family-sized bundle is $16 (prices vary with location).

You can find the Jack-O Pizza at participating Papa Murphy's locations through October 31, 2020.

Photo via Papa Murphy's.

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