Oct 16, 2020

Dunkin' Offers Halloween DIY Decorating Kits and Spider Donut for Halloween 2020

Dunkin' offers Halloween DIY Decorating Kits and the returning Spider Donut to help with this year's Halloween festivities.

The Halloween DIY Decorating Kit includes a choice of plain yeast or Old Fashioned cake donuts plus pre-packaged icing in orange, white, and black and three sprinkle blends. You can buy the kits in two sizes: small (4 donuts) and large (9 donuts).

The Spider Donut features a ring donut with orange icing, topped with a glazed chocolate Munchins donut hole, chocolate drizzle "spider legs," and white icing "eyes."

The Halloween-themed products can be found at participating Dunkin' locations nationwide for a limited time, while supplies last.

Photo via Dunkin'.

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