Oct 28, 2020

Meiji Debuts New Caramel Hello Panda Snacks

Meiji debuts new Caramel-flavored Hello Panda Snacks as their US division's first original Hello Panda variety.

The new flavor, which will not be sold abroad, features a smooth caramel creme center inside of a bite-sized, panda head-shaped crunchy shell. Each shell comes with one of over 30 illustrations of cartoon pandas playing different sports.

Caramel Hello Panda snacks can be found nationwide in several sizes: a hexagonal 2.1-oz box for a suggested price of $1.39, a standard 2.2-oz pillow bag for a suggested price of $1.39, a hexagonal 8-count 0.75-oz multi-pack box for a suggested price of $3.59, and a stand-up 7-oz pouch for a suggested price of $3.49.

Meiji Hello Panda snacks also come in strawberry, vanilla, and match green tea flavors here in the US.

Photo via Meiji.

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