Oct 19, 2020

Two New Halloween Candies Arrive at See's

See's Candies introduces two new products for the 2020 Halloween season: Sour Jelly Beans Trick-or-Treat Pack and Milk Molasses Chips Trick-or-Treat Minis.

The Sour Jelly Beans Trick-or-Treat Pack features a mix of Sour Tangerien, Sour Grape, and Sour Apple jelly beans in a pack of 45 individual bags for $8.95.

Mint Molasses Chips Trick-or-Treat Minis are individually-wrapped, milk chocolate-covered molasses honeycomb wafers. For $14.95, you can buy a box of 45 pieces.

Both products are available at See's Candies shops nationwide and online.

See's also carries quite a number of other seasonal, Halloween-themed candies this year including Chocolate Marshmallow Jack-O'-Lanterns, Trick or Treat Lollypops, and Milk Caramel Apple Scotchmallow, to name a few.

Photo via See's Candies.

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