Mar 9, 2021

A Look at Mother's Sparkling Mythical Creature Cookies

Mother's Sparkling Mythical Creature Cookies are a variant of the brand's Circus Animal Cookies but are in mythical creature (mermaids, unicorns, dragons, and sea serpents) shapes rather than circus animals and come covered in purple and white frosting (instead of pink and white) and purple sugar crystals (rather than rainbow nonpareils).

A 9-oz bag costs around $3.39 but I receive this courtesy of Mother's.

The Sparkling Mythical Creature Cookies are a little smaller than Circus Animal Cookies with slightly more gaps between in the limbs/heads of the creatures versus the animals due to their shapes. The result is you get a little more frosting stuck in the gaps. It's more of a visual difference than one of flavor (they didn't taste any sweeter that I could note). I wouldn't say they were all that sparkly due to the sugar crystals but maybe that was because of the cookie dust.

There's a good amount of flavor text on the back of the bag to tie the concept (and various creature shapes) together (Circus Animals don't include such a blurb but maybe they did long ago?). It reads as follows:

"One day, a mermaid was swimming around her lagoon, singing happily. A curious sea serpent heard her lovely song and swam closer. Delighted, the sea serpent wagged its tail in rhythm, making big splashing waves. A dragon, who lived on the sea cliffs, flew down to play in the waves. The dragon laughed happy flames, which lit up the sea spray like a sparkling rainbow. Just then, a unicorn--who was a big fan of rainbows--trotted out of the trees to join the fun. These four Mythical Creatures have been friends ever since. What adventure awaits them next?"

You could probably play out the story with the cookies if you have some kids to entertain. Other than that they offer the same crunch and creamy frosting as regular Circus Animals.

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