Mar 4, 2021

See's Candies Offers New Dark Peanut Butter Egg and Centennial Easter Tin

See's Candies introduces the new Dark Peanut Butter Egg as their March Centennial Sweet-of-the-Month as well as a limited-edition Centennial Easter Tin.

The new Dark Peanut Butter Egg features sweet and salty creamy peanut butter encased a dark chocolate egg-shaped shell. It'll cost you $7 for a 3-oz egg and can be found in See's Candies shops and on their website, while supplies last.

The new Centennial Easter Tin features the artwork of Dorothy Gray Forbes, who designed shop posters, newspaper advertisements, and candy boxes for See's Candies for 50 years. It's price at $16 and contains an 8-oz assortment of candies, including Milk California Brittle, Dark Butterchew, Milk Vanilla Nut Cream, Milk Bordeaux, Milk Chocolate Eggs, Marshmallow Egg, Scotchmallow Egg, Milk Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Raspberry Cream, and Milk Coconut Cream.

In addition to the new items, See's Candies offers a number of seasonal treats for both St. Patrick's Day and Easter.

St. Patrick's Day treats include Milk Chocolate Treasure Coins, Milk Chocolate Leprechauns, and St. Patrick's Day Potatoes (Divinity filling covered in milk chocolate, then rolled in a cocoa-cinnamon blend and topped with pine nut "potato eyes"), to name a few.

Easter items include a variety of chocolate eggs, Easter baskets, and more.

Photo via See's Candies.

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