Mar 4, 2021

Breyers Releases New Ice Cream, CarbSmart, and Non-Dairy Flavors

Breyers releases 10 new ice cream and frozen dessert products across their various lines include ice cream, CarbSmart, and non-dairy flavors.

On the ice cream front, there's:

- Breyers Chocolate Pretzel Swirl - Chocolate ice cream with a salted pretzel swirl, and chocolate chips.

- Breyers Double Chocolate Brownie Batter - Chocolate ice cream with a brownie batter swirl and brownie dough pieces.

For Breyers CarbSmart, you'll find three new flavors plus a new pint-size for a classic flavor:

- Breyers CarbSmart Chocolate Chocolate Chip - Creamy chocolate base with chocolaty chips.

- Breyers CarbSmart Mint Chip - Mint base with chocolaty chips.

- Breyers CarbSmart Coffee Cookie Crunch - Coffee-flavored base with crispy, chocolaty cookie bits.

- Breyers CarbSmart Vanilla - Now available in pints.

The CarbSmart line features 100 – 130 calories, 4g net carbs, 4g – 5g of fiber, and 3g – 4g of sugar per serving.

For their Snack Cup line, new is Breyers Reese's Snack Cups, which feature peanut butter ice cream mixed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

For non-dairy frozen dessert (made with an almond milk base), you can find two new flavors:

- Breyers Non-Dairy Mint Chocolate Chip features a cool mint base with chunks of chocolatey chips mixed throughout.

- Breyers Non-Dairy Chocolate Chocolate Chip features a creamy chocolate base swirled with chunks of crunchy chocolatey chips.

For a limited time, Breyers also offers new Coconut Fudge Breeze. Availabe through the end of summer 2021, the flavor consists of a coconut frozen base with a fudge swirl and flakes of shredded coconut.

Photo via Breyers.

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