Mar 15, 2021

A Look at Krispy Kreme's 2021 St. Patrick's Day Donuts

Krispy Kreme celebrates 2021's St. Patrick's Day with the Luck O' the Donuts Collection which includes four donuts in all: the Lucky Gold Coin Donut, the Lucky Sprinkles Donut, Lucky Unicorn Donut, and Lucky Leprechaun Donut.

They go for $15.99 a dozen here in Los Angeles but I received these courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

The Lucky Gold Coin Donut is an Original Glazed donut dipped in white icing, decorated with a green icing swirl and sprinkled with lucky gold coins. ​There's nothing new here on the flavor front but the lucky gold coins are similar to what you'd find on last year's Leprechuan Trap Donut.

The Lucky Sprinkles Donut is also fairly conventional and takes an Original Glazed donut and dips it in green icing and tops it with shamrock sprinkles. It's just your typical sprinkles donut but with St. Patrick's-appropriate sprinkles.

The Lucky Unicorn Donut features a Kreme-filled Original Glazed donut dipped in white icing and decorated to resemble a unicorn, complete with a unicorn horn sugar piece. ​This is Krispy Kreme's take on a unicorn donut, which only looks like a unicorn abstractly. It has a dollop of Kreme in the middle that can sometimes fall as you bite through the inner ring of the donut (or if you tilt it upside down for some reason). The sugar piece is basically a shaped and colored sugar cube.

The Lucky Leprechaun Donut is the only one of the four donuts that offers a different flavor albeit a very mellow flavor. It's a donut filled with Cookies and Kreme, dipped in green icing, decorated with plaid icing stripes and finished with a leprechaun hat sugar piece. Unsurprisingly, the little bits of chocolate cookie in the Kreme struggled against the plain sweetness of the icing and sugar piece.

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