Mar 10, 2021

Pillsbury Expands to Cookie Aisle with New Soft Baked Cookies

Pillsbury ventures into the cookie aisle with the arrival of new, ready-to-eat Soft Baked Cookies.

Made with a blend of butter and shortening for a soft texture, the new line includes four varieties at launch, including:

- Chocolate Chip
- Confetti
- Sugar with Drizzled Icing
- Peanut Butter with Chocolaty Drizzle

Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies can be found at Walmart stores starting this month and can also be pre-ordered on They're set to arrive at other retailers nationwide starting in April 2021. Each package of Soft Baked Cookies includes 18 cookies and carries a suggested price of $3.69 (they're $2.98 at Walmart).

Photo via Pillsbury.

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