Mar 23, 2021

Review: Shake Shack - Korean-Style Fried Chick'n Sandwich

Shake Shack's Korean-Style Fried Chick'n sandwich features a gochujang-glazed crispy-fried chicken breast, white kimchi slaw, and toasted sesame seeds on a potato bun.

I bought one for $7.89.

My particular chicken breast filet could have used some pounding before they sous vided and fried it. It was super thick but narrow, which left me with an unpleasant amount of chicken-less bites. Despite the thickness, it was moist rather than juicy. The breading didn't hold up all that well to the glaze and was only occasionally crispy.

The glaze was curiously muted with very light notes of sweet, savory, and spicy. If you're comparing it to Korean fried chicken, it lacked punch and a soy sauce component (which would have added some savory depth).

The slaw was also similarly plain. There was a light tang and sweetness to it but it was mostly just watery crunch.

The bun was the same soft, super squishy one that Shake Shack uses for the rest of their chicken sandwiches and burgers. It wasn't toasted/grilled very evenly and only the edges were browned.

Overall, Shake Shack's Korean-Style Fried Chick'n was a miss for me. It was overly plain and not at all like Korean fried chicken, which tends to offer more crunch, flavor, and heat. They would have been better off just serving their regular Chick'n Shack with the same sauce as their Korean Gochujang Fries in place of the normal buttermilk herb mayo.

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