Apr 4, 2021

Pizza Hut Debuts "The Hut Lane" Drive-Thru Pick-Up Window at Over 1,500 Locations

Pizza Hut debuts a new drive-thru pick-up window that they're calling, "The Hut Lane," at over 1,500 locations across the US with more to follow.

The new pick-up option comes about as customer preferences have changed during the pandemic. The way it works is, where available, you can pick The Hut Lane option when ordering through the Pizza Hut app and website as well as over the phone. Then, when you get to the Pizza Hut restaurant, you just pull up to the window and get your order (it's like a regular drive-thru but you can only order ahead).

Locations that don't currently offer The Hut Lane offer contactless curbside pick-up.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

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