May 2, 2021

Frito-Lay Pits New Doritos Xxtra Flamin' Hot Nacho Chips Against Cheetos Flamin' Hot Spicy Pepper Puffs for "Flamin' Hot Faceoff"

Frito-Lay pits Doritos against Cheetos for the Flamin' Hot Faceoff, which sees fans pick the better Flamin' Hot flavor between new Doritos Xxtra Flamin' Hot Nacho and returning Cheetos Flamin' Hot Spicy Pepper Puffs.

Both Flamin' Hot varieties are available for a limited time only. Doritos Xxtra Flamin' Hot Nacho represents a spicier take on their regular Doritos Flamin' Hot Nacho tortilla chips, while Cheetos Flamin' Hot Spicy Pepper Puffs are similarly even spicier than regular Flamin' Hot Cheetos and come in a chili pepper shape to boot.

You can vote for either variety through Doritos and Cheetos various social media channels and their will be various prizes given randomly throughout the promotional period (which runs through July 12, 2021). You can find a copy of the official rules here.

Photo via Frito-Lay.

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