May 3, 2021

Del Taco Assembles New Queso Beef and Chicken Guacamole Crunchtadas

Looking to fill the void created by the departure of rival Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, Del Taco puts together two new Crunchtadas, the Queso Beef Crunchtada and Chicken Guacamole Crunchtada, to join the Crunchtada Tostada on the menu.

Each Crunchtada features a 6 1/2-inch fresh-fried, wavy corn tortilla as its base and comes layered with a number of toppings

The new Queso Beef Crunchtada is priced at $2 and comes topped with a layer of slow-cooked beans, seasoned beef, Queso Blanco, grated cheddar cheese, and diced tomatoes. You can consider it the spiritual successor to the discontinued Beef Crunchtada Pizza (there was also a chicken version when the Crunchtada platform was first launched in 2013).

The new Chicken Guacamole Crunchtada is priced at $3 a piece and layers the Crunchtada shell with  slow-cooked beans, grilled marinated chicken, Ranch sauce, shredded lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, chopped diced tomatoes, and house-made guacamole.

The original Crunchtada Tostada costs $1 and comes layered with slow-cooked beans, Salsa Casera, shredded lettuce, and grated cheddar cheese.

Through May 20, 2021, you can get a "buy one Crunchtada, get one free" promo code by calling Del Taco's Mexican Pizza Ghosted Support Hotline at 1-877-3-Ghosted.

Photo via Del Taco.

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