May 31, 2021

Review: McDonald's - BTS Meal (Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces)

McDonald's new, limited-time BTS Meal is mostly just a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets combo meal (with fries and a drink) but does come with two new, limited-time sauces: Sweet Chili and Cajun.

There was not any sort of discount for the meal, which cost me $7.79. It did come in a BTS-themed paper bag though. It's a nice bag as far as brown paper bags go, I guess.

The Sweet Chili sauce is similar to a Thai sweet chili sauce in that it's very sweet (sugar is literally the main ingredient) and laced with a slight tang and garlic note but, it is also accompanied by a slight funk that I find indicative of some gochujang in the mix. Despite the fire icon on the Cajun sauce container, the Sweet Chili is actually the spicier of the two with a decent kick to it (or maybe chili pepper > fire).

The Cajun sauce is a bit of an oddity in that I couldn't figure out why it's called "Cajun" at all. It's more like a creamy, slightly-sweet, slightly-tangy mustard sauce. There's a strong horseradish-like mustard flavor (enough to clear your nose if you eat enough in a bite) to it as well as a complexity from various seasonings and a slight spicy kick. I wouldn't be mad if they replaced Hot Mustard or Honey Mustard with this.

I found I preferred the Sweet Chili sauce with the Chicken McNuggets, while I liked the Cajun sauce with the fries.

Overall, I liked both McDonald's Sweet Chili sauce and Cajun sauce as they were both enjoyable while adding some new flavors to the current McDonald's dipping sauce selection. I'd skip on the BTS Meal and just get an order of Chicken McNuggets with the sauces though.

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