May 19, 2021

Sun-Maid Introduces New Tropical Punch and Peach Flavored Raisin Snacks

Sun-Maid expands their line of Raisin Snacks with the addition of two Fruity summertime flavors: Tropical Punch and Peach.

The flavored golden raisins contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients. They're meant to be a better-for-you alternative to gummy fruit snacks and the like.

New Tropical Punch and Peach join a Raisin Snacks line-up that also includes four "Sour" varieties, including Strawberry, Watermelon, Mixed Berry, and Blue Raspberry.

The new flavors are set to arrive soon at Albertsons and Kroger for a suggested price of $3.29 per 7-count 4.9-oz box as well as online at

Photo via Sun-Maid.

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