May 28, 2021

KFC Selling New Popsicle Chicken in Singapore

KFC serves up new KFC Popsicles for a limited time over in Singapore. The menu item features marinated, crispy-fried chicken filets served on sticks like a popsicle.

KFC Popsicles come in two varieties: BBQ Cheese and Mala.

The BBQ Cheese KFC Popsicle comes drizzled with smoky chipotle BBQ sauce and is then topped with a crunchy cheese  sprinkle.

The Mala KFC Popsicle is coated with mala sauce and topped with a crunchy mala sprinkle. "Mala" refers to a spicy and numbing quality that's most commonly associated with Sichuan cuisine. The spicy heat typically comes from chili peppers, while the numbing quality comes from Sichuan peppercorns.

The KFC Popsicles appear to be the same size and shape as a slightly shortened and flattened corn dog.

Photo via KFC Singapore.

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