May 25, 2021

Skittles All Lime Packs Arrive for a Limited Time This Summer

If you've been missing out on Lime Skittles since they got rid of them, for a limited time this summer you'll be able to purchase Skittles All Lime packs, which as you may have guess from the name, is a pouch full of only Lime Skittles.

According to the Skittles Twitter account, if fans buy them out, "marketing might bring them back forever."

Lime Skittles candies were replaced in the Original Skittle mix by Green Apple Skittles back in 2013. They were brought back for a limited time in 2017 as part of Skittles Long Lost Lime (or if it were up to me, "Skittles Original Original").

Photo via Skittles.

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