May 13, 2021

New Tillamook Frozen Custards Appear in Stores

Dairy co-op Tillamook whips up a new line of Frozen Custard for the frozen food aisle.

According to the brand, new Tillamook Frozen Custard is made with "at least 16 percent butterfat, extra cream, cage-free eggs, and no bioengineered ingredients." They're calling it their "richest and creamiest frozen offering yet."

At launch, Tillamook's Frozen Custard features 8 varieties, including:

- Oregon Strawberry Shortcake

- Chocolate Fudgy Brownie

- Sea Salt & Honeycomb Toffee

- Bing Cherry Cheesecake

- Cold Brew Chocolate Chip

- Dark Chocolate & Red Raspberry

- Maple & Candied Pecan

- Salted Caramel

You can find Tillamook Frozen Custards in 15-oz tubs for a suggested price of $4.99 at select retailers in the western US, including Albertsons/Safeway and Kroger.

In addition to the new Frozen Custard, Tillamook introduces new Caramel Swirl Family-Size Ice Cream and has revamped their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and Cookies & Cream ice cream to contain more inclusions. Specifically, Tillamook Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice cream now contain 60 percent more cookie dough pieces, while their Cookies & Cream ice cream has 70 percent more cookie pieces.

Photo via Tillamook County Creamery Association.

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