May 19, 2021

New Burger King Ch'King Sandwiches Launch Nationally on June 3, 2021

Burger King plans to launch their new Ch'King sandwiches nationwide starting June 3, 2021.

The Ch'King has been available in some areas for a some time as the "Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich" but now it gets its official name and launch date.

The Ch'King is available in four varieties: the Ch'King, Spicy Ch'King, Ch'King Deluxe, and Spicy Ch'King Deluxe. Each features a fresh hand-breaded chicken filet that's meant to be "crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside."

The Ch'King comes served with pickles and Signature Sauce on a toasted potato bun, while the Spicy Ch'King sees the chicken filet covered in a spicy glaze. Going Deluxe with either version replaces the pickles with lettuce and tomato.

Burger King wants you to compare the Ch'King to their signature Whopper so starting June 3, 2021 through June 20, 2021, they'll give you a free Whopper when you order a Ch'King sandwich via the BK app or website. You will be able to find the deal in the "offers" section of both the app and website.

The Ch'King sandwich replaces Burger King's previous Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Photo via Burger King.

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