May 14, 2022

Burger King Gave Out Free "Pregnancy Whoppers" at One Location in Germany for Mother's Day

In one of the more entertaining Mother's Day promotions, Burger King Germany celebrated Mother's Day 2022 by giving out free "Pregnancy Whoppers" to mothers and expectant mothers on May 8, 2022 at one location in Berlin.

The Pregnancy Whoppers are so-named because Burger King conducted a survey of the most popular pregnancy cravings for expectant mothers and, for one day, gave out Whopper burgers that featured the 9 most popular cravings.

The 9 most popular cravings (which came served on a Whopper patty and sesame seed bun) included:

- Fried Egg & Banana

- Bratwurst & Nut-Nougat-Creme (Nutella?)

- Currywurst & Brathering (marinated fried herring)

- Fish Sticks & Applesauce

- Cucumber & Marmalade

- Strawberry Ice Cream & Fries

- Cream & Gherkins (a type of pickle)

- Torte & Beef (it's a Double Whopper with layers of cake, cream, and fruit)

- Vanilla Ice Cream & Olives

They put together a video of people eating the Pregnancy Whoppers as well.

Photo via Burger King Germany.

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