May 17, 2022

New "Aged by Audio" Cheez-It Crackers are Made with Cheese Aged by Hip-Hop Music

New, limited-edition Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers are made with cheese that's been aged for six and a half months while being played hip-hop music all the while. It's set to be released in limited quantities on starting May 26, 2022 at 12 PM ET, while supplies last.

The concept is based on a small-scale Swiss study that suggested that "aging cheese to hip-hop music could strengthen the taste and smell." Other music genres were trialed as well but hip-hop worked best according to the study (it should be noted that while music did produce differences in the resultant cheeses, the differences were "small"). With that in mind, Cheez-It worked with Pandora to "find hip-hop songs with similar attributes to those from the study" and played those songs to the cheese used for the limited-edition crackers, while it aged for six and a half months.

To taste test whether the music had any effect on the resultant Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio, you'll have to be fast once they release to snag a box of your own on May 26, 2022. You can also access the Aged by Audio mixtape that was played to the cheese on the same day by using the line to Pandora from the Cheez-It online store or going directly to or the Pandora app.

If you manage to get a box, what you're looking for in terms of differences according to the study are "discernibly stronger smell and stronger, fruitier taste."

Photo via Cheez-It.

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