May 17, 2022

Review: Mountain Dew Purple Thunder

Mountain Dew Purple Thunder soda features a combination of blackberry and plum flavors. It is available exclusively at Circle K convenience stores.

A 20-oz bottle retails for $2.29 in my area (prices may vary), but I received this courtesy of PepsiCo.

Mountain Dew Purple Thunder smells a little bit like grape soda with a touch of berry candy. Despite its bold color, I appreciated that it didn't stain my mouth purple.

Upon initial taste, it reminds me of generic berry flavoring without any of the tartness that I would associate with actual blackberries. The plum flavor is apparent in the aftertaste and provided a unique taste that was light, fresh, and lingering. The soda was a less sweet than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise and made for easy drinking.

Overall, Mountain Dew Purple Thunder was a very refreshing and enjoyable soda. The plum aftertaste is something I have never tasted before in a beverage, and it pairs well with the blackberry flavor to elevate what would have been just another berry soda to something quite unique.

Review by Renee.

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