May 20, 2022

Hot Pockets Releases the New Deliwich

Hot Pockets releases a new sandwich product that isn't necessarily meant to be eaten hot with the launch of the new Hot Pockets Deliwich.

The Hot Pockets Deliwich is basically a frozen sandwich that's meant to be grabbed in the morning and takes about 2 to 4 hours to thaw (or less than 1 minute to heat in the microwave), which is just in time for lunchtime eating (they call it an "on-the-go,"  "thaw-and-eat" lunchtime option). Each Deliwich includes deli meat and cheese wrapped in a soft roll.

At launch, Hot Pockets Deliwiches come in four varieties: Cheddar & Ham, Turkey & Colby, Cheese Melt, and Pepperoni & Mozzarella.

Hot Pocket Deliwiches come in a box of four individually-wrapped sandwiches for a suggested price of $7.49 (may vary by store). They're currently rolling out to select retailers nationwide.

Photo via Hot Pockets.

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