May 11, 2022

Kellogg's Puts Out New Cinnamon Sugar Homestyle Rice Krispy Treats

Kellogg's adds a new Cinnamon Sugar variety to their line of Homestyle Rice Krispy Treats.

Featuring marshmallows, butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, new Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle Cinnamon Sugar joins Original and Chocolate varieties in the line-up.

The Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle line is meant to be more similar to Rice Krispy Treats that you make at home (hence the name). They're made with extra marshmallows and are 50 percent bigger than regular Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats.

You can find new Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle Cinnamon Sugar now at grocery stores nationwide in boxes of 6 bars as well as boxes of 12 bars. The suggested price for the six-bar box is $3.99, while the suggested price for the 12-bar box is $5.24.

Photo via Kellogg Company.

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