May 11, 2022

Yogurtland Whips Up New Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake Frozen "Yogurt"

Yogurtland welcomes new Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake frozen yogurt-like non-dairy dessert as their latest limited-time flavor.

Available for a limited time through June 5, 2022, while supplies last, at participating locations, Yogurtland's Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake is made with oat milk and blueberries for a flavor reminiscent of the namesake breakfast dish.

To showcase the new flavor, Yogurtland offers the online order-only Sunny Side Up Cup, which consists of the new Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake flavor topped with fresh banana and strawberries slices as well as limited-time fried egg gummies. While the new flavor is plant-based, the limited-time Cup is not (probably due to gelatin in the gummies I would guess).

Photo via Yogurtland.

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