May 12, 2022

Molson Coors Launches New Golden Wing Barley Milk

Molson Coors, a beverage company best known for brewing beer, branches into plant-based milk with the launch of new Golden Wing Barley Milk.

The non-alcoholic, plant-based milk leverages the company's barley expertise to produce a khaki-colored beverage with a "malty sweetness reminiscent of milk leftover in a bowl of cereal."

Golden Wing is made with just five ingredients: water, barley, sunflower oil, pink Himalayan salt, and shiitake mushroom extract. According to Molson Coors, Golden Wing Barley Milk contains 60% less sugar, 50% more calcium, and twice as much Vitamin D versus 2% milk.

You can find the new barley milk now at Sprouts supermarkets in California, Whole Foods grocery stores in Southern California, and online from their website, where six 1-quart cartons will cost you $30 (shipping is free).

Photo via Molson Coors.

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